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Right. I`m using Dev-Cpp, and I`m working on a game at this time in SDL
(, and I`ve come across this error:
main.c: In function `SDL_main':
main.c:140: error: stray '160' in program
main.c:140: error: stray '160' in program
main.c:140: error: stray '160' in program
main.c:140: error: stray '160' in program
make.exe: *** [main.o] Error 1
Execution terminated
Which halts my entire game development, and I`ve no idea whats wrong.
Here`s the full source:
(it`s messy, because I`ve tried to debug it a lot, ignore the commented
statements and such)
#include <stdio.h>
#include <SDL/SDL.h>
#include 'include/SDL_std.h'
SDL_Surface *screen;
SDL_Surface *image;
void DrawIMG(SDL_Surface *img, int x, int y, int w, int h, int x2, int
SDL_Rect dest;
dest.x = x;
dest.y = y;
SDL_Rect dest2;
dest2.x = x2;
dest2.y = y2;
dest2.w = w;
dest2.h = h;
SDL_BlitSurface(img, &dest2, screen, &dest);
void patchbg(int x, int y)
DrawIMG(image, 0, 0, 50, 50, x-2, y-2);
void ShowBMP(char *file, SDL_Surface *screen, int x, int y)
SDL_Rect dest;
/* Load the BMP file into a surface */
image = SDL_LoadBMP(file);
if ( image NULL ) {
fprintf(stderr, 'Couldn't load %s: %sn', file,
/* Blit onto the screen surface.
The surfaces should not be locked at this point.
dest.x = x;
dest.y = y;
dest.w = image->w;
dest.h = image->h;
SDL_BlitSurface(image, NULL, screen, &dest);
/* Update the changed portion of the screen */
SDL_UpdateRects(screen, 1, &dest);
void blit_mb(x, y)
SDL_Surface *redblock;
redblock = SDL_LoadBMP('data/meatball.bmp');
SDL_Rect source;
source.x = x;
source.y = y;
source.w = 50;
source.h = 50;
SDL_Rect destination;
destination.x = x;
destination.y = y;
destination.w = 50;
destination.h = 50;
SDL_SetColorKey(redblock,SDL_SRCCOLORKEY,SDL_MapRG B(redblock->format,255,255,255));
SDL_BlitSurface(redblock, &source, screen, &destination);
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
printf('Unable to init SDL: %sn', SDL_GetError());
SDL_Surface *screen;
screen=SDL_SetVideoMode(600,600,32,SDL_SWSURFACE S DL_DOUBLEBUF);
if ( screen NULL )
printf('Unable to set 640x480 video: %sn', SDL_GetError());
int xpos, ypos = 0;
ShowBMP('data/logo.bmp', screen, 0, 0);
//ShowBMP('data/meatball.bmp', screen, 0, 0);
blit_mb(0, 0);
int done=0;
while(done 0)
SDL_Event event;
if(event.type SDL_QUIT)
done = 1;
if(event.type SDL_KEYDOWN)
if (event.key.keysym.sym SDLK_ESCAPE)
done = 1;
Uint8* keys;
keys = SDL_GetKeyState(NULL);
ypos -= 5;
ypos += 5;
xpos -= 5;
xpos += 5;
//ShowBMP('data/meatball.bmp', screen, xpos, ypos);
blit_mb(xpos, ypos);
SDL_UpdateRect(screen, 25, 25, xpos-25, ypos-25);
//SDL_SetColorKey(image, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(image->format,
255, 255, 255));
//patchbg(xpos, ypos);
//ShowBMP('data/meatball.bmp', screen, x, y);
//ShowBMP('data/logo.bmp', screen, 0, 0);
//ShowBMP('data/meatball.bmp', screen, x, y);
return 0;
Help would me much appreciated.

Stray Error In Dev C Download

Hi there I have a code wrote for converting feet and inches to meters and centimetres. But I'm getting a heap of errors saying 240 in program error, can any tell me what is causing this how how can I fix it? Thanks in advantaged.

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Stray Error In Dev C 2017

  • I don't really get what this stray '240' in program mean.:oops: suddenly compiler stopped working n displayed this message n it's not compiling any more,even it's not highlighting important fields.
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