Tsi File For Traktor Pro 2

What is this?

Documentation for the reverse-engineered .tsi file format used by Native Instrument's Traktor Pro 2.x for storing Controller Mappings

Tsi File For Traktor Pro 2 3

Home (your user folder) Documents Native Instruments Traktor 2.x.x Settings; Install. Launch Traktor, open the Preferences, and click on the Controller Manager Tab, Under Device Setup, click the Add button and select from the pull down menu Import TSI Import Other; Navigate to Traktor’s settings folder and select the TSI file you. Traktor Pro 2 users will be happy to know that setting up the Numark Mixtrack Pro II with your preferred software is a breeze. This guide walks through the simple setup process of implementing a custom mapping file built for the Mixtrack Pro II, and sele. Setting Up the MIXTRACK PRO in Traktor Contents 1. Install the latest version of Traktor 2. Configure the Controller Settings 3. Download and Install ASIO4All (Windows Only) 4. Configure the Audio Device Settings Install the latest version of Traktor Before you begin, make sure you have the latest version of Traktor installed. TRAKTOR controllers are designed and engineered in-house just a few steps away from TRAKTOR PRO 3. Native Instruments is the industry’s leading manufacturer for integrated hardware and software sound tools. Both the software and hardware are designed in tandem with each other, for seamless plug-and-play integration.


All documentation is available here: https://github.com/ivanz/TraktorMappingFileFormat/wiki/


Please open an issue with any documentation adjustments/other.

Traktor Pro 2 Mac

Tools and Samples

All tools used to reverse-engineer the file format (useful for contributing back to this project) are available in the repository.

Who am I?

I am Ivan Zlatev and you can get in touch at: ivan AT ivanz.com

You can also follow my blog here for any updates: http://ivanz.com

Project Description


Unofficial TSI editor for Native Instruments' Traktor Pro.

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This software is still under active development, comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and may contain bugs. If you find one please create an issue.cmdr is NOT RELATED TO Native Instruments, but an unofficial software.Until the software has reached a stable state, it is recommended to work on copies of your TSI files.


  • cmdr is developed and released by Michael Rahier under the GPL v3 licence.
  • Used libraries:
    • Xceed AvalonDock, Copyright (c) 2007-2013, Xceed Software Inc.
    • Pure Midi, Copyright (c) 2004 Slawomir Cichon
    • Newtonsoft Json, Copyright (c) 2007 James Newton-King


  • Microsoft Windows


No installation needed, cmdr is portable. Unzip and start cmdr.exe.


Please go to the Wiki section.


  • Ivan Zlatev, for reverse engineering large parts of the TSI structure. Visit his project Traktor.Mapping.
  • Native Instruments for providing the powerful DJ software Traktor Pro.
  • My colleague and friend Acid Buddha for testing and support.