Mac Not Working After Boot Camp Windows Installed

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in this article, I have listed all the things on What to Do When Your Mac Won’t Start-Up. Your MacBook Won’t turn on means a Black screen, You can not see the Error Message on Screenthat at that time we haven’t any idea what you should do first. So it’s Very apprehension situations and I recommend to fix using the most helping solutions at first. Generally, a black screen comes after MacOS Update So you are not alone and we can fix it. And Another case is the random black screen MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air. It is obvious to be afraid and panic if you are in this situation for the first time. This isn’t the end of your Mac, and it won’t start again on your own. There are some pretty good tricks available here when your Mac won’t boot/start you can do it on your own without spending a single buck. So let’s try to fix Mac won’t turn on.

  • May 29, 2019. You must go into Windows in file manager, D drive and find the Boot Camp folder. You will see another folder for drivers and inside you see the executable.
  • Bootcamp.msi driver not working in setup for external ssd I was able to successfully create the external ssd to run windows on my 1tb ssd, but when I try to run the driver setup so that I can use the internet and my keyboard it says that it was unable to find the bootcamp.msi driver.

This tutorial is also helpful for those Apple Mac users having issues that Mac won’t turn on but is charging; Mac won’t start at All, Mac not begins after sleep or after a Power outage. Lost of users also reporting mac won’t start on fan running or after restart/ after three beeps/ water spill/ after shutdown or on the loading bar.

Jan 24, 2010  How to force your Mac to boot into OS X after intalling Windows using Boot Camp. After you install Windows via Boot Camp, you may notice that your Mac will now boot up into Windows by default. This brief tutorial will show you how to set your Mac to load OS X rather than Windows. Aug 16, 2015 How to fix NO sound in Windows after installing with Boot camp. Cloning Around is my clone video channel.

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This kind of failure arises when you have updated to macOS Catalina from macOS High Sierra, Mojave, but often people face such situations and try to fix them with some tricky solutions. Let’s head over to mac won’t turn on/boot after updating to Latest MacOS Update Version.

Solved: How do you fix a Mac that won’t turn on?

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Common Solutions to Mac Won’t turn on After Update MacOS Catalina

1: Charge your MacBook At least 1 Hour.

2: Disconnect your Charger [Unplugg charging port], Put one finger on Trackpad center areas, and at the same time Press and hold the power button of MacBook. Now Keep Pressing both at least 30 to 60 seconds. I hope it will work and turning on the Macbook screen. that’s it. if still not work follow the next point.

3: Connect your Charger, And Press and Hold the power button for 60 seconds, Also keep in your mind that if your Mac’s charging port is not light up Green/Yellow light that means you need to replace the charger.

4: This point fixes the hardware issues, if you don’t know and don’t need that this is for information only, Remove the bottom piece of the back body, Remove 10s screws and Take out the body. Now First you will see Green RAM [To identify do google Macbook Ram], Take it our One or Two RAM and put back again after 30 seconds. Next is Problem with MacBook hard Drive, Remove MacBook Drive and put back in after 60 seconds. Still not work.

Your MacBook has a problem with Battery or Motherboard.

Solution 1: Also, Try to Remove the power cable and Hard Reboot:

1: Remove or Disconnect the power cable that used to charge your Macbook.
2: Press and hold the Power button for at least 10 seconds.
3: Again Take a power cable and Plugin.
4: Now Hold Down Power button for 7 seconds. This will help to boot your Mac Laptop.
5: This technique works all Macbook Modle and year.

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Solution 2: Shake and Fix: Fix loose contacts of RAM, HARD DRIVE, Battery

Why would my Mac not turn on? Don’t worry. Let’s clutch your laptop with both hands and Shake your MacBook and after that Try Again to turn on, One of Redditter finds out the solution and that amazingly works for many MacBook owners.

Solution 3: Reset SMC/PVRAM Settings Using Keyboard Shortcuts

On your MacBook Keyboard, Press and Hold these keys at once:
Click on Shift + Control + Option + Power Button on MacBook.
After that only press the power button to turn on the MacBook Screen.

Fix 1: Check Power or Charger’s Cable

Carefully look at the power cable to see if it is not damaged or broken at some part. At the same time, also check the AC power socket is working correctly by connecting another device.

Mac Not Working After Boot Camp Windows Installed 1

Alternatively, try to use different power cable or adapter that is compatible with your Mac. These are the only ways to check the power cable.

Fix 2: Perform Power Cycle: How do I fix the black screen of death on my Mac?

There are some weird cases that occur in which Mac’s green light is glowing perfectly, and on the other side, the Mac won’t turn on. You must try to perform a power cycle and reboot the Mac in a particular mode. This involves some steps,

  • Step #1: Remove the “Power cable.”
  • Step #2: Press and hold the “Power” button for 10 seconds.
  • Step #3: Keep pressing the power key and connect the power cable.
  • Step #4: Hold ten more seconds.
  • Step #5: Release the key and let the Mac usually start.
Mac Not Working After Boot Camp Windows Installed

Fix 3: Start in safe mode

Safe mode is a foolproof solution if your Mac won’t start or Mac crashes continuously. It limits some of the apps while startup and Mac feel little reliable and start without carrying much load at the startup.

  • Step #1: Press and hold down the “Power key” and “Shift key” together.
  • Step #2: Now, release the “Shift key” when the login page appears on the screen.

Fix #4: If You’re Mac is stuck on a black screen after booting

It is the most reported issue on the forums that while starting up the display of Mac goes black. This happens because of low power, and that’s why you can’t see the bright part of the screen. However, if you put the display in the darkroom, you might see the dialogue box of login and password.

Besides, you can give a flash behind the display and try to locate the cursor on the dialogue box and enter a password. The screen should generally start after entering the password.

Fix #5: Reset SMC on Apple Mac

System Management Controller plays an essential role in many functioning parts of Mac. Hurdles related to battery, display and most specifically power key related can be easily fixed by resetting SMC.

Mac Not Working After Boot Camp Windows Installed Windows 7

  • Step #1: Remove the “Power cable.”
  • Step #2: Leave at least 15 seconds.
  • Step #3: Re-plug the “Power cable.”
  • Step #4: After 5 to 10 seconds, press “Power” again.

Fix #6: Try Recovery Mode

If you are facing these issues regularly, then try recovery mode.

  • Step #1: Restart the “Mac.”
  • Step #2: When the Mac restarts press and holds “Command+R” keys when you hear reboot tone. Release the keys when the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Step #3: Now you will see the macOS “Utilities” window.

NOTE: If you have mistaken something while pressing keys then the standard desktop will appear. You have to follow the steps again.

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