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What is the difference between the TRAKTOR DJ 2 desktop and iPad version?

Because TRAKTOR DJ 2 is based on a new, cross-platform codebase, you’ll find things are very much the same, apart from small layout differences due to screen size and format.
  • TRAKTOR PRO 3 is our flagship DJ software, built for extended customization for professional DJs using different setups in club and festival environments. TRAKTOR DJ 2 is a new app that’s designed for you to get spinning straight away – whether you’ve been DJing for decades, or somebody’s just passed you the AUX cable for your first mix.
  • Please note: The Metadata sync feature has been removed from TRAKTOR PRO 2. It’s still possible though, to sync metadata between two instances of TRAKTOR DJ. ///HARDWARE AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Minimum requirements are iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation) or higher, and iOS 7.0 or higher. IPad 4 recommended. ///VIDEOS AND MORE.

Traktor Pro 2.5 gives the modern DJ countless creative alternatives when performing their sets or crafting that perfect remix. Master DJ Olav Basoski turns on the inspiration in this detailed look at Native Instruments' amazing digital DJ-ing software and hardware. Jan 25, 2019 Published on Jan 25, 2019 Native Instruments has announced a new cross-platform DJ app, Traktor DJ 2, with SoundCloud streaming built in. Traktor DJ 2 follows on from the company’s niche but.

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Will TRAKTOR DJ 2 replace TRAKTOR PRO 3?

TRAKTOR PRO 3 remains the most advanced incarnation of TRAKTOR. It’s used by professionals worldwide on a daily basis and will continue to be our flagship DJ software.
TRAKTOR DJ 2 and TRAKTOR PRO 3 will therefore be developed and updated in tandem in the coming years.

How do I power the S2 when DJing with the iPad app?

You can use a USB charger to power the S2 with the included USB cable, and hook up the iPad to the iOS port of the S2 with its lightning cable.
If you want to charge your iPad while DJing we recommend using the Native Instruments Power Supply (18W) to power the S2 directly, while connecting the iPad with its cable to the iOS port of the S2.
You can also use a mobile battery pack or speaker with a USB output to power the S2 for a truly mobile setup.

How do I connect my iPad Pro 3rd generation to my S2 hardware?

You can connect your iPad Pro to TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 using an MFI-certified USB C to USB A cable.

Will TRAKTOR DJ 2 work with my controller?

The TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3, TRAKTOR KONTROL S3, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 MK2, and any other audio interface will be supported. We plan on supporting more controllers in the future.

What’s the difference between TRAKTOR DJ 2 and TRAKTOR PRO 3?

TRAKTOR PRO 3 is our flagship DJ software, built for extended customization for professional DJs using different setups in club and festival environments.
TRAKTOR DJ 2 is a new app that’s designed for you to get spinning straight away – whether you’ve been DJing for decades, or somebody’s just passed you the AUX cable for your first mix.
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Will SoundCloud integration be available in TRAKTOR PRO 3?

TRAKTOR DJ 2 uses a different codebase to TRAKTOR PRO 3, which means we can integrate third-party services like this much more easily. This isn’t currently possible with TRAKTOR PRO 3.

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Is TRAKTOR DJ 2 the successor to TRAKTOR DJ?

TRAKTOR DJ 2 takes up what we learned from TRAKTOR DJ, with a rebuilt codebase for new integration and cross-platform capability with desktop and iPad support. It’s a new app, with some of the best parts of TRAKTOR DJ carried over.

What technology facilitates the track-matching feature?

We use machine learning to analyze the sonic nature of the track that’s playing, as well as its tempo and key, in order to produce a list of well-suited tracks to play next.

Which countries allow Soundcloud Go+ streaming in TRAKTOR DJ 2?

See the most up-to-date list of countries where SoundCloud Go+ is available.

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Is TRAKTOR DJ 2 also supporting other music streaming services like Spotify?

We are ready to integrate more music streaming services in the future.

Can SoundCloud Go+ tracks be played offline?

You need to be connected to the internet to stream tracks via SoundCloud.


Traktor Pro 2 Ipad
  • Ultra-portable setup for TRAKTOR DJ 2 and TRAKTOR PRO 3
  • Pro-quality knobs, faders, and backlit buttons
  • Mixing interface with 3-band EQ, built-in 24-bit soundcard


TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is the ultra-compact 2-channel mixer, controller, and soundcard for TRAKTOR DJ 2 and TRAKTOR PRO 3.



Tweak your sound with robust 3-band EQ, gain, and filter knobs.


Pre-listen to each channel. The Cue Mix knob adjusts the cue/master balance. The Cue Volume regulates headphone volume.


Mix effortlessly with pro-grade faders. The easy-to-read level meters provide instant visual feedback.


Mix and pre-listen to your tracks with pro precision. Dedicated controls for two channels give you intuitive, tactile control over volume, EQ, filters, and effects. And the built-in 24-bit audio interface delivers powerful, club-ready sound.
Hook it up to your iPad or laptop and start playing – wherever you are.


The Z1 turns your iPad into a tactile, two-channel TRAKTOR DJ 2 rig. Cue-up the next track in your headphones while the current track still plays for the crowd. Mix, adjust EQ, and apply filters or effects.
TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 even keeps your device charged with the NI Power Supply while you play – never worry about flat batteries during peak-time sets.

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TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 also offers ready-to-go compact control of TRAKTOR PRO EQs, filters, and FX Units on two channels at a time, keeping you ready for the afterparty – always.
It doesn’t end there: Expand your creative possibilities by adding TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 to the rig and control effects, loops, and transport functions like play and sync.


TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 comes with the introductory TRAKTOR LE software to get you started. Two software decks, three effects, and all you need to get the party going.
And when you’re ready for more, go pro. The Z1 includes a 50,00 € e-voucher – use it to purchase TRAKTOR PRO 3 or any other downloadable NI software.


TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 with TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 – control loops, cue points, and effects in TRAKTOR PRO 3.

Add TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 for dedicated Remix Deck control.

With TRAKTOR DJ for iPad – immediate, hands-on control over both decks.

'The Traktor Kontrol gives you a high quality sound card, headphones monitoring, and just the controls you need to mix expressively while doing the 'touch the music' stuff over on the iPad.'
Digital DJ Tips
'The Z1 is far and away our favorite iOS-related DJ device we've seen so far.'
'The Z1 is a well designed and executed purely functional piece, that plugs, plays, and importantly works exactly as intended.'
DJ Worx


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