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Aug 19, 2016  Download The Wub Machine apk 1.0.8 for Android. Remix your music into anything! Make Dubstep and much more with the Wub Machine. Jun 10, 2011  Soundation Studio, the online music making application, has just added another tool to their growing arsenal, The Wub Machine. With oscillators, analog style filters, LFO, pitch, shape and glide functions plus the all important MSL (make.hit loud) knob, The Wub Machine is an excellent choice for those looking to make massive bass lines for.

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Sonivox has introduced Wobble – Dubstep Grime Generator, a new software synth that the say promises “pulsating grimy dubstep madness!”

Wub Machine Download

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Wub 1.5

We know that there is a certain portion of the Synthtopia readership that goes for anything pulsating and grimy, so here are the details……

Wobble Features:

  • New Spectral Synthesis Engine creates traditional or blazing new
    dubstep sounds
  • First of its kind Tempo-Synched Modulation Generator
  • Over 200 fat & juicy dubstep presets that can be easily tweaked into
  • New interface design for seriously fast and easy sound designing
  • Fully automatable via hardware or software control
  • SONiVOX’s Intelligent Rhythm Control (I.R.C) putting your performance
    in perfect time in realtime
  • Onboard chorus, tempo sync delay, and reverb fx
  • PC Standalone, VST and RTAS Compatibility.
  • MAC Standalone, AU, VST, and RTAS Compatibility.

Sonivox Wobble is expected to be available October 1, 2011, with a list price of US $149.99.

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