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Apr 25, 2019 16 Of The Best Saturation Plugins In The World 41. Roundtone is a tape emulator with a highly-regarded sound. Bonus points for actually having a virtual tape. What Are Typical Tape Emulation Plug-ins Applications? One of the major advantages of using tape emulations in the digital domain compared to recording and playing back on real analog tape is choice, choosing when and where you want to apply the sound of tape anywhere in a signal path.

Caelum Audio has released Tape Cassette, a free lo-fi tape cassette recorder emulation in VST3 and AU plugin formats for PC and Mac.

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Tape Cassette emulates the sonic imperfections of an old tape recorder, including their sound character, noise, and pitch instability. The plugin provides the controls for adjusting the intensity of each aspect of the simulation. The user can finetune the saturation amount, low-pass filter cutoff, noise volume, and the depth of wow and flutter effects.

Thanks to the ability to control the magnitude of its FX components, Tape Cassette can be used both as a subtle lofi effect or a more intensive audio coloration tool. The plugin is easy to use and not very CPU intensive, which is why loading multiple instances across the entire mix shouldn’t be a problem. You will get the best sounding results if you add a bit of saturation and pitch instability to several mix components, especially the background synthesizers, pads, and other less critical instruments.

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The interface is well-designed, with a row of control knobs positioned at the bottom and the preset browser located at the top. The user can edit the existing presets and save custom parameter settings for later use.


Tape Cassette can be used in any digital audio workstation capable of hosting VST3 and AU plugins. The software can also be used as a standalone app or an AUv3 plugin on iOS.

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More info:Tape Cassette(32-bit & 64-bit VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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