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Dec 25, 2017 this tutorial will help you to resulve the source file not compiled error wether you use dev c or code block i hope you will enjoy this video. /. Online C Compiler. Code, Compile, Run and Debug C program online. Write your code in this editor and press 'Run' button to compile and execute it.

  1. Running Dev-C blreichenau For programming assignments that include one file (e.g. Prog1.cpp): Start Dev-C. Double click the shortcut on the desktop or; from the Start button. Click the Compile button on the Compile and Run Toolbar. A window will open displaying any syntax errors found.
  2. Can I compile a program including header files like conio.h and iostream.h and using namespace std in Dev-C? If not please suggest a good compiler in which I can do a program containing the header files mentioned above. I tried doing the same program in turbo C and microsoft visual studio 2010 express and it is working properly.
  3. Source file not compiled in Dev C. Of hello world program and have saved it properly but when i try to compile and run the program it says source file not compiled.

Source file not compiled Dev C++ (6)

I just installed Dev C++ and I am learning C programming.the code i used was

I saved it as a .c file. When I compile it works fine, but when I compile and run it says source file not compiled. So I googled buncha things and came across this video on youtube which shows you how to fix it. I also saw other forums on google which suggest the same thing.. However, after doing whats asked, Now I can't even compile my code. I get this error


Open Dev File

I have also used what is asked on this link, and still no luck.

I am using windows 8 Sys_auto_sql_tuning_task schedule 2017.

I found a solution. Please follow the following steps:

Source File Not Compiled Dev C++

  1. Right Click the My comp. Icon

  2. Click Advanced Setting.

  3. CLick Environment Variable. On the top part of Environment Variable Click New

  4. Set Variable name as: PATH then Set Variable Value as: (' the location of g++ .exe' ) For ex. C:Program Files (x86)Dev-CppMinGW64bin

  5. Click OK