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Cooking Dash is an extremely popular cooking gaming app out there which lets you become a celebrity chef in the virtual world and you get to test your cooking skills against the time and in front of a live audience. You get to develop and learn your skills , prepare , cook and finally serve the delicious dishes in an exotic restaurant. Since you are so popular , you will also be serving to popular celebrities and VIP’s. All this while earning profits.

Cooking Dash™ When Cookie leaves Flo's Diner for the bright lights of Hollywood, things really heat up in DinerTown. Help Flo and her grandmother quickly prepare and serve meals to hungry customers. Work your way through 5 restaurants and use the cash you earn to buy upgrades and customer perks. Apr 02, 2019 Cooking Dash is a true simulation game. You will have to demonstrate your restaurant management capabilities fully, plan customer service, expand the business area, buy new equipment, etc. Although a bit busy, Cooking Dash will Leave you with many unforgettable experiences.

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The Cooking Dash game lets you step into the shoes of a celebrity chef and handle a kitchen as a head chef at an exotic restraint where you get to prepare the dishes and serve them to the customers which also include popular celebrities and VIP’s all this to earn a profit. You get to develop a skill set and do all of this in front of a live studio audience who shall cheer you throughout your journey. By acquiring the right skills you will eventually excel as a chef in order to compete in the Series Finale and compete in the Trial of style. By winning you can earn adorable and cute Pets and outfits.

  • Join Flo behind the grill in Cooking Dash Deluxe, an original new game from the creators of Diner Dash! Help Flo fill the shoes of DinerTown's best chefs in five all-new restaurants. Seat customers, take orders, and perfectly prepare a variety of dishes in more than 50 levels of fast-paced fun.
  • The name of the game in any dash-style video game is speed and accuracy. The fast you can hit your marks and get orders out to your customers, the better you will rank and the more profits you will bring in. Watch the video above to learn how to play Cooking Dash 2016 on Mac or PC using the new BlueStacks 4 gaming application.
  • Download Cooking Dash - DinerTown Studios for FREE and enjoy: 3 new celebrity customers with special power-ups and unique features that help you score extra points. Over 25 decoration and functional upgrades to purchase. 5 new on-set restaurants, each with an original menu that now includes 2 and 3-course meals. 10 medals to earn throughout the.


Download Cooking Dash Mod APK With Unlimited Money

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Features of Cooking Dash Game:

  • You get to be in charge of an exotic restaurant where you get to control the fast paced restraint chaos. You need to manage your team, run around the kitchen preparing dishes for crazy customers. You can also collect valuable tips for your excellent service to your customers.
  • The game does not let you get bored with around hundreds of episodes for you to play. You can go through unique exotic restaurant and learn unique dishes like Vegas themed steak.You can also uplift your game by upgrading your stoves and fancy prep stations. All of this to get more customer ratings.
  • Once you get famous , you need to constantly evolve in order to keep up with the on going trends. So you have to spend your profits which you earned by delivering superior customer service towards upgrading your restaurant in order to be the most up to date restaurant out there.
  • The game also boasts a lot of unique prize winning games such as the Weldon brownie’s new game show where all you have to do is spin a wheel to win an amazing prize for your restaurant.
  • You get to dress up your flo in a unique customised outfit for every show thereby creating a unique customised environment for the users.
  • The skills which you have acquired will help you compete with the world in a series finale where you compete with the challenging levels of the series finale. To win you need to earn a minimum of 4 stars.

The next section of the article shall talk about what is extra in Cooking Dash mod apk. It will help in convincing all of you who are not yet convinced after reading the superb features of the game.

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What’s more in Cooking Dash Mod Apk?

Cooking Dash mod apk provides the luxury of having unlimited cash which directly translates into having unlimited upgrades for your exotic restaurant without having to worry about the price tags. The benefits of Cooking Dash mod apk makes it a popular choice than the basic version available on the Google Play Store.

Requirements to download Cooking Dash Mod Apk:

  • Functional android device with an android version of at least 4.0.
  • Internet connection for downloading the APK file.

Cooking Dash Mod Apk File Information:

Cooking Dash 4 Ever

App NameCooking Dash
File Size90.5 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0.3 and Above
Last UpdatedMarch 23, 2019

How to download and install Cooking Dash mod apk?

The internet offers a vast collection of websites and webpages each claiming to provide the Cooking Dash mod apk latest version. But all they do is provide an access to the older non functional links and spams which enter the android device and disrupt its working. The link which we shall be providing shall give you a guaranteed access to the latest working version of Cooking Dash mod apk unlimited money.

  • Click on the download link provided below.
  • Click on “Yes” and you will see that the app download has began.
  • As soon as the download is over , you will be directed to the installation page.
  • Select “Install” and your android device shall finish the installation of the app.

Gameplay Screenshots:

Final Verdict:

Cooking Dash game lets you fulfil your cooking dream by being in charge of an exotic restaurant. You get to be a celebrity chef who is responsible for the creation , preparation and serving delicious dishes to a large customer base which include popular celebrities and VIP’s. Cooking Dash mod apk unlocked provides the added advantage of having unlimited cash so that you don’t need to worry of the price tags before making any upgrades to your restaurants.

  • Publisher: Glu
  • Version: 2.20.9
  • Category: Simulation
  • Size: 93MB
  • Update: April 15, 2020 at 5:21 pm
  • Available at: Google Play

Cooking Dash For Windows

Are you tired of role-playing games and violent fighting scenes? Do you want to enjoy a softer game during your break time to feel more relaxed? Cooking Dash is a game that will give you great entertainment moments. There is no violence, no pressure missions. You will become a chef and do the cooking for everyone. With simple gameplay and extremely attractive, Cooking Dash promises to provide you with memorable experiences. Please join me to find out what products Glu company offers is interesting!


Download Cooking Dash 4 For Pc

The story of Cooking Dash revolves around the main character Flo along with her work at a restaurant. Previously, Flo was a cook. But in the process of working, she did her part well and always tried to accomplish the best. Soon, Flo was promoted to the chef. At that time, some of the main chefs of the restaurant asked for a leave of absence due to the family’s work, causing the restaurant to have a shortage of human power. Before that situation, Flo was forced to work alone to keep the restaurant chain running smoothly until the chefs returned. Although there is a lot of pressure, it is also an opportunity for her to show what she has learned during her time working at the restaurant.

Cook Your Way to Stardom!

Will There Be A Cooking Dash 4

In this game, you will play as Chef Flo, and your job is to cook food to serve customers. You will first select the game mode to start your quest sequence. There are two game modes you can choose from Story Mode and Endless Mode. Mode Story is considered a relatively simple mode. The task sequence in this mode is not too much. The number of visitors to the restaurant is not too much, doing the amount of work you need to do decrease. As for Endless Mode, you will choose one of three levels that the game offers: simple, medium and difficult. Depending on your choice, the goal to complete will be different. However, if you are a new player, you should choose the comfort level to get used to, then gradually conquer the other two levels.

As for the general play, when you start playing, the system will take you into a kitchen, where you will do the cooking for your work. This kitchen has only two people, including you and another chef. He will take care of the preliminary processing of the food for you to cook. At the same time, you have to take care of other things like receiving orders, serving customers, cleaning the kitchen,…

Cooking Dash 4 Download For Windows 7

When the restaurant has guests, they will order something, and they have a certain waiting time. During that time, you must quickly cook their order. If you successfully serve customers, you will receive bonuses, but if you let them wait too long, they will get angry and leave, causing the restaurant to lose customers. There are times when visitors come in, making your work busy. You have to receive orders; you have to cook and bring food to them. However, you should always pay attention to your kitchen, because when the food is prepared, and you do not turn off the stove, the food will burn, and you need to remake the new dish.

Cooking Dash 4 Download

One of the types to make you less strenuous is to expand the facilities for the kitchen. In the beginning, you had only two gas stoves and a place to display the prepared food. But during the game, you collect money and have a higher level. You can unlock new facilities such as a microwave, stove, electric oven… and many other types of equipment, helping you increase productivity and reduce processing time. Cooking Dash is a true simulation game. You will have to demonstrate your restaurant management capabilities fully, plan customer service, expand the business area, buy new equipment, etc. Although a bit busy, Cooking Dash will Leave you with many unforgettable experiences