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Jan 30, 2014  I'm trying to get into using traktor, but I am having issues mapping. I downloaded the.tsi off of the numark website, but when I load it nothing functions as it should. When going through the setup wizard I am also unsure of which controller to choose, because there is not an option for the mixtrack pro 2. Make sure all devices are turned off and all faders and gain knobs are set to “zero”. If using a microphone, connect it to Mixtrack Pro II’s mic input. Connect Mixtrack Pro II’s outputs to power amplifiers, tape decks, and/or other audio sources. Plug all devices into AC power.

Reader Arjun from New Delhi, India, writes: “I just ordered my first controller, the Mixtrack Pro, which ships with Virtual DJ. Though it is a great software, I was wondering if there is a Traktor 2 mapping available for the same. Since I am a beginner DJ, I won’t really require four decks at the beginning, but I would still like the flexibility of using Traktor 2 and Virtual DJ, since I am adept at using both the softwares.”

“Can I do that? What will I need to do if i want to switch my software when I want?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, there’s no problem with doing that. Indeed, in some territories, including Europe, the Mixtrack Pro actually ships with a version of Traktor.

Here’s how to do it: Once you have your Mixtrack Pro installed and working fine with Virtual DJ, launch Traktor 2 with the controller plugged in and turned on. Now go to Preferences > Controller Manager and click Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions to choose Numark then Mixtrack Pro, and answer the rest of the questions accordingly – you can tell it how many decks (two in your case) and also whether you’re using an external mixer or not (you’re not).

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When the wizard is finished and you’re returned to the Controller Manager page, in the Device drop down menu at the top of the window, select your Mixtrack Pro. You may have to select its entry in the adjacent In-Port and Out-Port drop-downs too. Finally, got to Audio Setup > Audio Device and select your Mixtrack’s sound interface in that dropdown. You should now be good to go.

Now, to use your Mixtrack Pro with either software, just launch the software you wish to mix with at the time.

Have you got a Mixtrack Pro? Which software do you use it with? Got any tips and tricks to share with us on this controller? Please let us know in the comments!

Mixtrack Pro 2 Traktor Setup Software

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