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Autodelta Alfa Romeo 156 GTA photos with close-ups of the exterior and interior of the car. View all 3 hd pictures of this model. Tuning and auto shows to the. Jan 23, 2007  This rev limit has now been raised to 6,800 rpm by the remap programme, and therefore the overall driving experience has been improved. This new remap package demonstrates Autodelta’s on-going commitment to new Alfa Romeo 159; and to the Brera, the most exciting new sports car to arrive on the market in the last few years.

Auto Delta Alfa Romeo Tuning

Autodelta is an after-market tuning company for Alfa Romeo cars, founded in 1987 by engineer Jano Djelalian. It is based in the Park Royal industrial area, northwest London, England. The company produces tuning parts and also full bodykits for various Alfa Romeo cars. It also produces full tuned cars including: reworked suspension, tuned engines with turbochargers, superchargers and so on. Autodelta's newest model is Rotrex supercharged Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C (348 PS, 430 Nm). The Autodelta 147 GTA AM appeared on motoring program Top Gear, setting a 'Power Lap' time of 1 minute 30 seconds.[1] The company is often mixed up with Alfa Romeo's own racing department Autodelta established in 1963.

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Auto Delta Alfa Romeo Tuning Parts

In 2010 the company's registered name changed to Autodelta (London) Limited.


Base modelModifications
Alfa Romeo 147147 J12
147 GTA AM
147 GTA AM Super
Alfa Romeo 156156 J11
156 GTS Super
156 GTA
156 GTA AM
156 GTA AM Super
Alfa Romeo GTGT 3.2 Super
GT 3.2 Super EVO
GT 3.7
GT 3.7 Super
Alfa Romeo Brera/SpiderBrera J.5 3.2C
Spider J.6 3.2C
Alfa Romeo GTV/SpiderGTV J10
Spider J10
Alfa Romeo SZAutodelta SZ


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