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Aerobic fitness tests are useful for determining your aerobic fitness level and for seeing your improvement after a period of aerobic exercise training. Sub-maximal exercise tests do not require all-out effort and can be effective in estimating and predicting your maximal oxygen uptake. Aerobic fitness tests can be done on a treadmill, an exercise bike or on a track or other safe place to walk or run.

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Aerobic endurance is incredibly important as it affects how efficiently the body can transport oxygen to where it’s needed, for example, during running. Your cardiovascular fitness depends on factors such as age, lifestyle, hereditary conditions and how much you exercise. About; Strength is recognized as the ability to exert force, typically measured in the amount of weight a person can lift or manipulate. There are five broad categories of strength, each with its own special training requirements: absolute, limit, speed, anaerobic, and aerobic. There are many factors that influence strength. Most of the time, this energy is found in the form of fat or protein. At this point, the body is using its own fuel as energy. Cardiovascular endurance is generally associated with extended periods of exercise or long distance sports, such as swimming, jogging or running. Cardiovascular endurance is essential to overall physical fitness and health. The types of endurance are aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, speed endurance and strength endurance. A sound basis of aerobic endurance is fundamental for all events. Work conducted by Gastin (2001) 1 provides estimates of anaerobic and aerobic energy contribution during selected periods of maximal exercise (95% effort).

Aerobic endurance testing Fitness can be measured by the volume of oxygen you can consume while exercising at your maximum capacity. VO2max is the maximum amount of oxygen in millilitres, one can use in one minute per kilogram of body weight. Aerobic endurance refers to the ability of the body to continuously transport oxygen throughout its various systems for extended periods of time. By maintaining the flow of oxygen, an individual is able to exercise continuously for longer periods of time without wearing down.

Aerobic endurance definition brian macon


Regardless of the type of fitness test used, the American College of Sports Medicine, or ACSM, recommends that certain procedures be followed. It recommends obtaining your resting blood pressure and heart rate immediately before starting your exercise. It also suggests that you become familiar with the equipment used during the test and the testing procedures. A certified exercise specialist can help you determine which type of sub-maximal fitness test is right for you and use the appropriate formula to interpret your results after testing.

Rockport Walk Test

The Rockport Walk Test is a sub-maximal exercise test that can be done on a treadmill or on a track. It is used for people who are generally less fit and cannot run for very long, if at all.

Walk as fast as you can for one mile, but at a pace that you can sustain for the entire distance. Immediately after you complete the mile, check your heart rate and note the time it took you to complete the distance. You will use this number as well as your weight, age and gender to determine your results.

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One-mile Jog Test

The 1-mile jog test is typically used for fitter people, compared to the Rockport Walk Test.

Using a scale, record your weight. Warm up for 10 minutes with an easy jog. Set your stopwatch and jog one mile at a steady pace. To make sure the test stays sub-maximal, your run time should not be less than eight minutes for men or less than nine minutes for women. Upon finishing the mile, immediately take your pulse and record your heart rate. You will need your weight and heart rate to calculate your results.

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YMCA Cycle Test

The YMCA Cycle Test is a multi-stage sub-maximal test that can also help you estimate your aerobic fitness, however it is more applicable for cyclists who are already familiar with the equipment. This test should be administered by an exercise specialist as it requires specific procedures and equipment, including a cycle ergometer and a blood pressure cuff.

Prior to the test, weight, height, resting blood pressure and resting heart rate should be recorded. You should also adjust the seat and handle bars and practice the pacing before the test begins.

Define Aerobic Endurance


Aerobic Endurance Brian Mac

Begin by pedaling at a rate of 50 RPM for three minutes. At the end of the stage, heart rate and blood pressure are recorded and the work load is increased based on heart rate. Do the same in stages two and three, adjusting the work load as necessary. At minute 9, the test is complete and there is a 5-minute cool down.

Aerobic Endurance Test Brian Mac

Throughout the test, the administrator will measure and record your blood pressure and pulse and ask you your rate of perceived exertion, or RPE. This is a scale that measures your feelings of fatigue and how strenuous the exercise is for you. All of the information collected will be used by the administrator to determine your results.