Ableton Push 2 User Mode Scripts Traktor Pro

May 07, 2014  This is a comprehensive Traktor mapping for the Push, along with a companion mapping for the Kontrol Z1 and a Max Patch for controlling the LCD display. Pro - Version 2.6.x: Downloads: 3593: 4 decks, 2 FX units: Author: dschroeter: Date: 5-7-2014: View Download: Traktor Mapping for Ableton Push. Acrobatics alieno vst free download. You can use the nudge function to push Live (or Traktor, as desired) a bit forward or backwards, just like a record. Also, you can cheat a bit by looking at the tempo of the master deck in Traktor and manually entering it into Live instead of tapping BPM, but this approach involves a bit more fiddling around with the keyboard. Ableton Push 2 + Live Intro Included Free. I love the control Push 2 gives me over Ableton. I recently upgraded to live 10 suite and my old controller seemed to be limited. This is a great controller and the treat yo self sale made it a no brainer. Push 2 is solid and is intuitive.

  1. Ableton Push 2 User Mode Scripts Traktor Pro 1

Ableton Push 2 User Mode Scripts Traktor Pro 1

Hi! I made this mapping for rekordbox dj.
A Mac
An Ableton Push 2
Bome midi translator pro (Duplicate the app and go to settings to allow multiple instances, i did this because i ran out of variables; In bome prefs use short midi name for first bome instances virtual midi and long name for the second instance.
Ableton Live to put push 2 to user mode.
And of course Rekordbox 5

RGB LED feedback (it's stupid easy to enable rgb feedback for 3rd party controllers just by editing the csv file, however you need to convert the values that rekordbox sends out for correct colors)
Different Pad Modes
Touchstrip mapped to filters
FX mapped to knobs and buttons
Browse and Deck load mapped, also double tap for doubles.
**Hold shift for a different output for some buttons/knobs
Mapping files are attached.
Should be really easy to customize if you know some about midi and bome. If you can improve my mapping please share it!
Import the csv file to both bome midi devices in rekordbox
This reference image might not be 100% correct because i think i changed and added few things.